Primary Curriculum

The curriculum for primary school attempts to provide a natural learning environment where curious minds are properly subjected to a series of opportunities to help acquire various facts and concepts. The Continuous Assessment System [CAS] is part of the primary school curriculum system. Learners benefit from CAS's holistic approach, which allows them to build and strengthen practical skills.

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Middle-School Curriculum

Middle school is where we teach our teen students how to deal with any problems they may face in life while also emphasizing the value of teamwork. We follow the CDC-designed National Curriculum in Middle School, and students in grades VI and VII will begin preparing for their Basic Level Examination (B.L.E.). Our instructors having basic training in the world's current education system will accompany the students through all Western pedagogies.

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High School Curriculum

High school is where our students are taught to explore, innovate, and adapt to the world outside. They will be subjected to a strict but fun teaching and learning process in order to excel in the Regional and National level examinations at the conclusion of grades X and XII. Our tutors will be seasoned experts with in-depth course knowledge and extensive teaching and learning experience.

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